System Upgrade



In April 2018 we completed phase one of our Sports Club system upgrade, the introduction of a club membership system.

The new membership renewal process last April led to 400 members now paying by either monthly or annual Direct Debit. Paying by direct debit saves the club a massive amount of administration time for our volunteer and employee team. This April when renewals come around again we encourage all members to pay their membership by Direct Debit through our provider Gocardless. Your renewal email in March will let you know on how to sign up.

We are now moving to phase 2 of our upgrade which is replacing our EPOS system behind the bar. Over Christmas period the Christmas elves will complete final testing and deliver to Pete and the Bar Team a new till in the new year.


This upgrade gives a number of benefits to the club but also to members. However we do need your help in making sure this upgrade is a success and so there are a number of actions you need to take to ensure you can access some new features and get your existing bar account transferred to our new system. This update page will explain the changes ahead and contains some important information on what you will need to do in January 2019.





In summary we are introducing a new system that will mean:  


  • No money, no worries, we are introducing automatic top up by Direct Debit
  • You can see what you have spent as all sales are registered on your online account
  • Receive your 10% discount on all purchases at the bar
  • We are going contactless including Apple Pay

  • For Squash, (and if you section committees agree) Tennis* and Snooker* members this will be also your online account to book and pay** for court or table booking

* If agreed to by your Section committee

** If Applicable (lights for squash and snooker)



Your New Online Account


All members will be given a new online account.  For members of the squash, snooker and tennis sections this will also in the future have added functionality for members to book courts and tables and pay for lights. (Snooker and Squash)


For squash members this is the current account you use to register your league scores so you already have access and will not need to take any further action to gain access.


So how do I log in?


If you have registered an email address with us, in January you will receive an email with your username. Once you receive this email please go to the account login page that will be on the email, enter your user name when requested and use the forgotten password functionality to get a temporary password emailed to you.



How to set up your Direct Debit


Once logged in you will need to register for new direct debit with our provider Gocardless, this can be achieved in the Account Top-ups page. You can also set your top up levels here as well. Please note that this is a different mandate to your membership renewal.




The top up options allow you set the value at which your account it is automatically toped up and also how much your account would be topped up by. When setting your limits please remember that it can take 4 working days for a direct debit to clear and sales on account can not be taken on account if you do not have any money on it.


However if you do run low do not worry, you can still top up your account at the bar using card or cash. Additionally if you end up out of credit and your direct debit has not cleared, or you know you are going to spend more that normal you can top up using Gocardless on your account page.


What have you spent??!!!


No longer do you need to wonder what you spent at the club. Once you will soon be able to view all the purchases you made at the bar and for squash members your court bookings. To view your transactions go to My Account Transactions.





Account Transfers


Unfortunately we are unable to automatically transfer your balances from the old till system as we can not be 100% sure of matching balances to the correct member without your fob.


Therefore once we have gone live you will need to come to the bar to claim your existing balance and choose to either get a refund or get your balance transferred. To claim your transfer or refund you will need to bring in your fob and complete the form that will be provided by the bar staff.


We need to re-fob you


As advised in November we need to refob all members fob numbers into the new database.  Thankyou to all those members that have come to the office for “refobbing” so far, if you have not made it in yet please pop in and see Shelia to be re-fobbed.  Until you do it will be difficult to get your membership discount at the bar and when we enter phase four which is our lock replacement then you will not be able to access the club!!!





Note for Squash Members – Phase Three


Once the EPOS system has been embedded we will move to phase three of our upgrade and that is to upgrade the court booking system. This will result in at last all members only having one account for all their sporting needs at the club as this account will be used for both bar purchases, court bookings and league scoring.


We will be retiring the current court booking system with the cash box system but you still be able to top up in cash or card behind the bar or online using your Gocardless account in addition to automatic tops up facility using direct debit.