Membership Renewal

Membership renewal

For members of the Cricket, Squash, Boxing, Snooker and Tennis if you pay annually your membership fees require renewing on an annual basis.
As a Sports Club we are always looking at how we can work to make life easier for our volunteers and paid staff whilst providing a better membership experience for our members.

Our membership system allows members to pay monthly for any multisport membership and individual membership of Squash, Boxing Snooker and Tennis.  We urge all members to pay by Direct Debit as it makes administration of your membership fees so much simpler. 


How to pay for membership

You now have a number of payment options

• Monthly Direct Debit
• Annual Direct Debit
• Debit/Credit Card

  • At the Bar


Monthly Direct Debit 

To pay your annual membership subscription monthly you will need to sign up to pay by Direct Debit through our Direct Debit Provider, Gocardless. There is no extra charge to pay monthly but you are committing to continue making monthly payments for the year. We are still an annual membership club and anyone who abuses this benefit will no longer be eligible to pay monthly.
If you wish to pay by monthly Direct Debit please email and let us know.  Unless you tell us otherwise the default setup is an annual direct debit so you must tell us if you wish to pay monthly.
Paying monthly not only allows you to spread the cost of your membership across the year your membership continues unless you tell us otherwise.


Annual Direct Debit 

If you wish to pay all your fees now we also ask that you sign up to an annual direct debit. 

If you sign up to an annual direct debit when your annual fees need renewing you will not need to do anything as we will automatically collect your membership.  (You will be notified before we collect)

Family Payments by Direct Debit

Family members are able to group their payments or remain as individual payers please let us know if you wish to group payments into one family membership.


Annual Payment - Credit / Debit Card 

We understand that not everyone wishes to sign up for Direct Debit so if you wish to pay by Debit or Credit Card please use the Paypal link to the right.


Annual Payment - At The Bar

You can now pay your membership at the bar by cash, card or put your membership on your account if you have enough credit.  Make sure the bar staff know who you are and what membership category you are paying for. 


Annual Payment - Bank Transfer 

If you wish to pay by direct bank transfer please contact Shelia in the Sports Club Office for the bank details, please use your name and membership number as a reference.
Please do not use previous Section or Sports Club bank accounts for membership renewals, you may need to set up our membership account as a new beneficiary with your bank.

Parking Pass and Club Access Fob 

Once you renewed your membership your access fob and car parking tag will continue to be valid for another year.


Change Of Details 

If you have changed your address or have any other contact details please can you let us know by filling in the Change of Details form that can be accessed using the button on the right



If you have you have any questions on this years renewal process please contact Sheila in the Sports Club Office on 01789 296629 or email 


Member Enquires


If you have any questions on your membership please contact our Club Administrator Shelia Phipps


Change Of Details

If you have moved or have new contact details please us the form below to let us know 












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