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Membership Renewals

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Membership renewal

April will be soon upon us and this means for members of the Cricket, Squash, Boxing, Snooker and Tennis sections your annual membership fees are up for renewal.
As a Sports Club we are looking at how we can work to make life easier for our volunteers and paid staff whilst providing a better membership experience for our members.  As part of a Sport Club wide technology upgrade this year we are have already launched our new website  and now we are launching our new membership system.
The launch of this new system brings a new benefit to members with the option of monthly payments for any multisport member and individual members of Squash, Boxing Snooker and Tennis sections. If you are a Cricket member we ask that for this year you still pay annually due to the seasonal nature of your sport.

How to pay for membership 

This year you now have a number of payment options
• Monthly Direct Debit
• Annual Direct Debit
• Debit/Credit Card
• Cheque

Monthly Direct Debit 

To pay your annual membership subscription monthly you will need to sign up to pay by Direct Debit through our Direct Debit Provider, Gocardless. There is no extra charge to pay monthly, but you are committing to continue making monthly payments for the year. We are still an annual membership club and anyone who abuses this benefit will no longer be eligible to pay Direct Debit monthly.
If you wish to pay by Direct Debit please email for a monthly mandate and follow the links contained in the email that will be sent to sign up.
The great thing is that by paying Direct Debit monthly not only allows you to spread the cost of your membership across the year but next March & April your membership will automatically continue unless you tell us otherwise. 

Annual Direct Debit 

If you wish to pay all your fees now we also ask that you sign up to an annual direct debit. Paying by Direct Debit automatically updates our membership system saving us heaps of time behind the scenes. Our club is run by volunteers and a few paid members of staff and by signing up to direct debit will help massively in keeping costs and volunteer time spent on our annual membership renewal process to a minimum.
As with monthly Direct Debit payments if you sign up to direct debit next March/April you will not need to do anything as we will automatically collect your fees. (you will be notified before we collect)


Family Payments by Direct Debit

Family members are able to group their payments together or remain as individual payers. We have tried to migrate current preferences over from existing membership databases within sections but please check your renewal details in your renewal email and contact Shelia at the Sports Club Office if you wish to change your payment groupings.


Annual Payment - Credit / Debit Card 

We understand that not everyone wishes to sign up for Direct Debit so if you wish to pay by Debit or Credit Card please use the Paypal link on the membership renewal page

Annual Payment - Bank Transfer 

If you wish to pay by direct bank transfer please pay your membership fees to
Stratford Sports Membership Account, please contact Shelia in the Sports Club Office for the bank details, it will also be in your renewal email.  Please use your account number and name as a reference. 
Please do not use previous Section or Sports Club bank accounts for membership renewals, this is a new account so you will need to set this up as a new beneficiary with your bank.

Annual Payment - Cheque 

Whilst not our preferred method of payment please drop any cheques into the Sports Club Office Please make cheques payable to Stratford Sports Club.

Parking Pass and Club Access Fob 

Once your membership fees have been paid you will be issued with a new car parking pass which will you will be able to collect from the Sports Club Office or put behind the bar for collection which is open until 11pm each evening)


If you have you have any questions on this years renewal process please contact Sheila in the Sports Club Office or email As this is the first year of our new systems please bear with us while we get used the new system and work through any teething problems we may come across.

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