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Filming starts at the club

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 BBC Film Crew Visit

The BBC are creating a new 10 part private investigation series "Shakespeare and Hathaway" starring Mark Benton and Jo Joyner with filming taking place in and around the Stratford area. We were lucky enough to host their film crew at the club this week with Monday evening a scene being filmed in the Club changing room. On Wednesday and Thursday between 60/70 extras were transported by coach to Alscott Park where they were filming an evening ball scene. Quite an unusual week for our Club but shows what a versatile clubhouse we have as you will see below.


Sunday evening BBC vehicles arrive and park in Members' car park

Terrace room used for breakfast each morning 6 - 8am (up to 70 people)

Pavilion Room turns into a dressing/make up room with five assistants


Committee Room used for wardrobe and dressmakers


















































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